Intermittent reinforcement in relationships

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Never make threats unless you are percent willing to follow through with them. Decide exactly how much you are willing to put into the relationship before walking away.

Intermittent reinforcement in relationships

The lever had no meaning to the rat. These intermittent periods of kindness rarely last.

Intermittent reinforcement in relationships

Intermittent reinforcement in relationships

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  1. Continuous negative reinforcement — They put a rat in a cage with a lever that dispensed no pellets. You have to be very clear about your boundaries.


    Abusers can deliberately harm you just to seemingly come to your rescue.

    In the video below Teal Swan explains the insidious — though often unconscious — tactic our partners are using to keep us coming back for more: On top of that, I have to look at the aspect of me that is causing me to want to not respond in that way.

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