Inter office dating policies

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If, however, you decide to allow some form of peer-to-peer dating, address it head on. Although employee-employee relationships generally carry fewer risks than supervisor-employee romances, you may nonetheless consider utilizing some form of the "love contracts" described above. This helps to protect the company from later charges that the relationship was not consensual and constituted sexual harassment.

Inter office dating policies

Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. No matter how you look at it, both legal and practical risks abound when someone has to supervise or even indirectly analyze or critique the work performance of their special someone.

Inter office dating policies

Inter office dating policies

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  1. What Your Company Should Know Romance in the workplace can land your company in hot waters, especially in the absence of thoughtful HR policies.


    However, if you find yourself in a situation in which you believe you have no choice operationally but to allow such a relationship, actively manage the risk. On the other hand, many view workplace relationships as an inevitable byproduct of today's interconnected world.

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    Employee's Legal Rights The U.

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