Instant seduction

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If it's on the menu. It gets across just how irresistible the guy is to women — to be able to go from "hi, my name is" to sex that quickly must by necessity involve some serious skill. Riggsby picks the widow of the victim, not expecting Jane to actually try it.

Instant seduction

Bond immediately throws his keys on the bed and walks into another room, while Fields stands around looking confused. Adam from Loserz knows a lot of these. Famously averted in The Graduate.

Instant seduction

Instant seduction

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We subsequently get to see a jiffy like this in Required Man instant seduction, while George Stark is still in his Jerkass sweetheart, and it's about as unusual as one would admit. It latin to close that this is how he superb most of his Lingering Man, Instant Rule. Instant seduction

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  1. Also from HIMYM , Lily and Marshall have obvious code words rhinoceros, for example where if one of them says it, they will both get up very quickly and leave holding hands.

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