Insecure wife marriage

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I would definitely tell her if my love for her changed along the way. Tyrrell suggests that you work at assuring yourself that things are fine. Choose to be that man.

Insecure wife marriage

You can also explain to your partner that sometimes you need validation and let her help you see what she sees in you. Without trust, a relationship is doomed.

Insecure wife marriage

Insecure wife marriage

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  1. If you feel depressed or need frequent reassurance, you may consider counseling as a fantastic way to get to know yourself better and learn to love who you are.


    My first reaction to that last statistic is that maybe there is a generational reason for this universal problem.

    Is it that we have so many women in the workplace now? This is wrong and should never be the reality in any Christian marriage.

    For a modern husband, it is a good day when we feel like we have had a productive day at work, had a little time with our kids, and a little time with our wife. Will you choose to be a blessing to your wife, today, by building in her heart strong walls of security in your marriage relationship?


    I told her so when I married her and at least once every 3 or for months since then….. But, there is a point where this healthy jealousy turns into a consuming insecurity.

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