Informal cocktail attire

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A LBD for women and a suit and tie for men. The best way to figure out what to wear is to dress according to what you expect the host to wear.

Informal cocktail attire

Whether you mix and match your suit separates or stick to one hue, make sure they're neutral to let your shirt stand out and do the talking. Nothing sucks the fun out of getting ready to attend a wedding quicker than some obscure dress code printed on the invitation.

Informal cocktail attire

Informal cocktail attire

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  1. If you're struggling to find something suitable to wear, consider the following factors:

    Casual Cocktail Dressing Even though casual cocktail attire is the most laid-back out of all the formal wear options, you shouldn't under any circumstances opt for denim, shorts, or sneakers. Semi-Formal Wear There is a standard dress code for semi-formal or cocktail attire.

    Think of it like this:


    To put a quirky, modern spin on your outfit, finish it off with a printed bowtie and matching pocket square. If the party is on a weekend, it makes it even more convenient for wearing semi casual attire and feeling less cramped for style.

    A knit fabric is more comfortable, and still looks sophisticated with jewelry and heels.

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