Ineffective sex education in singapore

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I even call myself a slut to own the term. Contributors to The Straits Times Forum page last month warned of the psychological and physical damage that could be caused by casual sex among teens, and called for parents to consider the importance of discussing sex with adolescents. Whether the purpose is to educate, share or vent, we feel a certain discomfort and shyness when the topic comes up.

Ineffective sex education in singapore

Their sex ed classes are held in international schools. In the latest survey, 41 per cent said condoms were their contraceptive method of choice.

Ineffective sex education in singapore

Ineffective sex education in singapore

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  1. Yet, premarital sex is not inherently immoral. But if they truly lack the ability to differentiate between education on safe sex and encouragement to have sex, then our great education system faces a deeper failure than merely inadequate sex ed.

    Sid believes that all this implicitly suggests it is wrong and unacceptable not to be heterosexual.

    The findings have raised questions on whether more should be done to educate teenagers on sex education.

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