Indoor soccer canberra

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At Action Indoor Sports Kambah, your child will enjoy their chosen sport in a safe and well-maintained environment, and under the supervision of our whole team and a fully-qualified umpire who in addition to ensuring the rules of the sport are followed will ensure your child has a fantastic time. When we scream instructions or yell in disgust, our child and other children on the field can hear every comment, and they know where it comes from.

Indoor soccer canberra

The ball can rebound off the nets in the fully enclosed courts which lends itself to fast pace and action packed games. Parties at Action Indoor Sports Kambah are a fantastic way for your child and their guests to enjoy a unique and action-packed experience, all without you having to do a huge amount of work! Action Indoor Sports Kambah takes the hassle out of playing indoor sports.

Indoor soccer canberra

Indoor soccer canberra

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  1. On the futsal court, let kids be kids. Be active, stay fit, be healthy and enjoy the action with your teammates in our fun filled exciting environment.

    Games last for between 1 and 1. Players will also enjoy player statistics and reports so you can sit down and enjoy a cold drink and a laugh with your teammates while you compare results.

    Indoor cricket is played in two formats — 6-a-side and 8-a-side. Some may rise above it.


    Whether your child and their friends want to enjoy one or more sports on our indoor sports courts, or take part in the all-new Inflatable World setup, Action Indoor Sports Kambah is all ready to go.

    Your dedicated support is much appreciated, especially by the players in your team, and without it we would not have a competition to run.

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