In the meantime 2013

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Read respondent Anna Falcini's text here and comment on the blog here. There is no narrative, no panning, there are no special effects. Bakker wanted the project to wander and set out to invite fellow artists to follow the same approach, structure and editing process.

In the meantime 2013

Each video clip is a ten second fragment of life as this unfolds in front of the camera. Many thanks to astrologer Rosemary Smith. The emptied space has a well-documented past as the site of a national coach interchange, and faces a future as a retail park, but it is its current interstitial, open state, its colonies of wild flowers, and the boundary wall that both contains its integrity and resists the advancing occupation, that William documented in precise pen and ink drawings.

In the meantime 2013

In the meantime 2013

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  1. Ali Kayley and Dan Glaister also produced a series of Indulgences, chits of paper bearing extravagant promises sold by travelling pardoners in the Middle Ages, incorporating drawings of Purgatory and letterpressed text. In Cheltenham Kathryn visited local psychics, receiving four new readings about her future which she transcribed into drawings and a performed text.

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