Importance of intimacy for couples

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From affection, love, romance, sex to spirituality; emotional intimacy comprises every feeling that is pivotal for keeping your marriage or relationship strong. Comprising emotional, sexual, mental or intellectual togetherness, intimacy has a broader aspect.

Importance of intimacy for couples

Touching, both romantically and otherwise, can help strengthen this bond. What most of these couples have in common is that they do not spend much time together.

Importance of intimacy for couples

Importance of intimacy for couples

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  1. Later in life, there are more opportunities to develop intimate relationships of different types with various different people.

    However, most modern couples believe that one of the ways to get to know the partner is by getting intimate.

    The reason why physical intimacy is important is that it draws the two of you together in body and soul. Lightens Your Heart Getting intimate with your partner in a relationship makes you feel so light in the heart if you minus the heavy pounding of excitement beating through your chest.

    Makes You Feel Wanted When you are in a relationship, there comes a time when you want to feel wanted by your partner. Studies show that sexual activity burns calories and fat, but can also cause people to live more healthy lifestyles in general.

    Another challenge lies in confusing sex with intimacy, both of which can exist without the other.

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