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Finally after devastating victories over the Alamanni , fortifying the region with city walls, and abandoning Dacia he felt Rome was safe enough to begin a campaign into the east. At a predetermined point the Romans wheeled around and suddenly attacked the exhausted and surprised cavalry. Septimius Odaenathus , a chieftain out of Palmyra , improvised an army that proved highly successful in repelling the Sassanid onslaught.


The queen and her general retreated to Antioch. At a predetermined point the Romans wheeled around and suddenly attacked the exhausted and surprised cavalry. After a short struggle, the lighter Roman cavalry formation fell back into a marshy area.



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  1. Palmyrene Preparations[ edit ] Realising that the charade was over Queen Zenobia dropped all pretenses and had her son declared Augustus and mobilised an army to meet Aurelian in the field under the command of her capable general Zabdas. In Aurelian's eyes her entrance into Egypt, still considered a strictly personal province of the Emperor, was nothing short of a declaration of war.

    Despite this Aurelian had been unable to challenge her actions directly due to the constant invasion by Germanic tribes. Queen Zenobia believed that she and her general Zabadas could take Egypt while the Romans were busy with the Germanic tribes of the north.

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