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Nope, it just ends with no fanfare whatsoever and a odd, but interesting sounding end theme playing over the credits. Unfortunately the answer to that question is no. I Am Zozo starts with this typical plot and runs aimlessly with it.

Im zozo

Super slow, with no scares, and lacking any ambiance, I Am Zozo is only interesting perhaps in the fact that it was shot entirely on Super 8. After some muddling around they manage to get in contact with a spirit that calls itself ZoZo.

Im zozo

Im zozo

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  1. I Am Zozo only took hold of an hour and a half of my life. It just talks, and talks some more all the way to its decidedly distaff end scene.

    He even chokes up a few times while telling his tale. He speaks in third person, calls the Wiccan girl of the group a slut and bitch, says he wants to bang the good girl of the group — and that he wants to kill them all.

    Okay, a fish is gutted gross but dumb and there are stories told about scary occurrences.

    The DVD for I Am Zozo includes an interview with the filmmakers in which they briefly discuss the plot and the medium.

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