I prefer circumcised

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This does not mean you'll get banned for saying one crime is not as severe as another or saying you can understand why someone would commit a crime. The smell is not as strong.

I prefer circumcised

Be Civil Let's keep the talk and discussion on what ever the subject matter of the post may be. Hostile, rude and aggressive behavior is not a necessity to express your opinion.

I prefer circumcised

I prefer circumcised

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  1. Hate posts are not allowed Opinion can be unpopular unless it's blatantly a hateful post. Circumcised looks scarred and mutilated, which is not an attractive look.

    Why would I want a guy that has an odor down there all the time, unless they go wash up pretty good every-time before any sexual contact. Sometimes, it was so severe that I could do nothing but lie there and cry for 15 or 20 minutes.


    Trolls will usually get permanently banned. Despite best efforts to keep clean, any skin that is folded on top of other skin will tend to sweat and smell rather quickly—even after a good shower.

    Cut is good too but will more likely result in irritation. So why would we?

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