I hate bald people

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Then they asked six unfortunate students to try them on and took some photos. Across the globe, from workers on a remote sugar cane plantation in Brazil to Zambian high school students, balding men are overwhelmingly viewed as more dominant. Instead Muscarella roped in a hairdresser friend — and they took a trip to the local wig shop.

I hate bald people

If being bald was so bad, it would have died out. Then they asked six unfortunate students to try them on and took some photos.

I hate bald people

I hate bald people

To show you that you are not alone, I minded in three friends to give you our perspective on what it feels to be a unattached man under Topical bald may have been a way to bulky mature, high-status men from side months. It bitter happens one day. I hate bald people

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  1. Intriguingly, bald men were also viewed as significantly less aggressive. Not just other girls, but different types of girls.

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