I had sex with three girls

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Ace Bhatti portrays Nazir Afzal, the real-life chief prosecutor of the Criminal Prosecution Service, who initially overturned the decision by his predecessor in the job to not to pursue the case. Gangs of men, predominantly of Pakistani origin, preyed on vulnerable girls by initially offering them drink, drugs and gifts, before raping and prostituting them.

I had sex with three girls

Nine further men involved in Rochdale grooming were jailed in So that's not about a failure to spot abuse, that is about actively ignoring abuse that was going on when it was brought to their attention.

I had sex with three girls

I had sex with three girls

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  1. Lesley Sharpe portrays Margaret Oliver — a real-life former DC who was assigned as witness manager to two young girls involved in the case.

    Numerous whistleblowers attempted to alert the authorities as to the widespread tragedy on their doorstep, but faced repeated setbacks.

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