How to tell if a friend is jealous

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If you do run into them, do they seem uncomfortable when you talk about your good news? Friendships can become difficult and strained in jealous situations like these, but your friend will appreciate genuinely feeling like they're appreciated.

How to tell if a friend is jealous

Do they live for giving you bad news? She does this because she wants to be better than you and because this is an easy way to compete with you.

How to tell if a friend is jealous

How to tell if a friend is jealous

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  1. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can really do about that. Are they in a better mood than they were before?

    It got old really fast. She would talk down to me and make me feel terrible about myself any chance she had, especially while at practice.

    Do they keep making excuses not to see you? Usually, they'll have an excuse.

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