How to stop love addiction

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Those voices inside our heads which feed our deepest insecurities. Then picture someone coming in to the room where the white carpet is, and throwing garbage, manure, and staining paint all over the carpet.

How to stop love addiction

The irony in that statement is beyond comprehension. Love is not a possession or the pursuit of possessing any one person or people. King Solomon, whose been called the wisest man in the Bible, said, Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

How to stop love addiction

How to stop love addiction

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  1. Some unhealthy methods of coping may include alcohol or illicit drug abuse or binge eating.

    I began to find it hard to breathe.

    Real intimacy and connection begins internally. When I returned to my spiritual community, it was from a place of great humility and personal grace.

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