How to stop being codependant

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Accepting the other as they are without trying to fix or change them is the first step. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from your partner.

How to stop being codependant

Codependent people do not believe that they are worthy of love, so they settle for less. Those who struggle with codependency often have trouble with boundaries. Co-Dependents Anonymous is a step group similar to Alcoholics Anonymous that helps people who want to break free of their codependent behavior patterns.

How to stop being codependant

How to stop being codependant

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  1. Perhaps you need someone to take care of, and he likes being taken care of. You have difficulty adjusting to change.

    Loving someone with a substance use disorder can also cause your codependent tendencies to spiral out of control.


    Be honest in your communication and in expressing your needs and desires.

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