How to stop a marriage after engagement

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I'm ready to apologize to them in whatever manner they want me to. Their love affair is with the bottle or drugs — not with you!

How to stop a marriage after engagement

Girl's family spent lavishly on engagement. Getting drugs or alcohol is always on your mind. A person dependent on drugs and alcohol is not a free person.

How to stop a marriage after engagement

How to stop a marriage after engagement

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  1. Please help with your kind advise sir do not worry , it is good that they refused before the wedding , tell every thing to your parents , and get the things solved , give and take all the things of the engagement.

    Tomorrow, if i go for another girl, at that time can this girls family create a problem for me on any ground. Infuriated by the turn of events, the girl's parents filed a case under Section cheating of IPC against the boy and his father in Thane.

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