How to shave art of manliness

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The key here is that you will have to change the way you shave—slower, and with less force than a modern razor, which are designed to let sleepy, bumbling modern men rake it across their face in an ape-like fashion while flinging poo. The battery-powered razor, at least, was discovered to be a cheap trick. Start with the razor at an easy part, like the side-burn and side of the face.

How to shave art of manliness

Try to limit the amount of times you run the razor over your skin; you can scratch an itch with a Mach 3, but a safety razor only needs a few passes, and additional ones will really irritate the skin. I chose for my Safety Razor a Parker 22R.

How to shave art of manliness

How to shave art of manliness

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  1. Hold it up until water stops dripping from it.

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