How to sex in bed

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Counselling allows you to address the underlying issue. Biting before your partner's ready While many people enjoy an aggressive partner, biting any part of their body before they are aroused may lead to pain and discomfort and might even lessen the chances of any further action or simply scare them off. But fear not, there are many ways you can become a stallion in the sack.

How to sex in bed

Staying quiet Do you like to hear it when your partner is having a good time? Masturbate Masturbation is perfectly healthy and natural and doing it regularly can help build up your stamina and thus enable you to last longer during sex. Make direct eye contact while you thrust.

How to sex in bed

How to sex in bed

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    Body confidence is a huge plus. Once the counselling has resolved the issue, medical treatment can be ceased.

    Touch her breasts with your hands, lips, and tongue. Listen for her moans.

    Then keep doing whatever it is that causes those moans. But fear not, there are many ways you can become a stallion in the sack.

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