How to regain confidence after divorce

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No matter why the relationship ended or who was to "blame," it is important not to dwell on the pain of losing your loved one for too long, and instead find ways to regain your confidence and move on. Post it where you will see it every day. One of the many things we struggle with as we learn to recover from divorce is learning how to rebuild our self-esteem.

How to regain confidence after divorce

The next time your self-esteem bothers you, how will you incorporate Step 1 and 2 to neutralize the Self Esteem Monster? Because of this dynamic, it's really important to do things to feel good about yourself.

How to regain confidence after divorce

How to regain confidence after divorce

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  1. One of the problems is that your identity has been linked with your spouse for so long that you forget who you are separate from that person. This has nothing to do with bragging or being immodest.

    Pace it out, enjoy who you are, have fun and you WILL get to the finish line!

    Instead of focusing on the woman, focus on you. What makes you happy?

    Let it go Yes, this can be harder than it seems but it's doable none the less.


    We start to place our entire value on being a spouse, rather than putting that focus on something healthy — the independent, kind person that you are.

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