How to recover from betrayal in marriage

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Tackling this problem in solitude will often result in an exacerbated wound. Despite the context from which it manifests, secrecy and deception are more than likely involved in the experience. Is it possible to forgive someone who has hurt you so badly?

How to recover from betrayal in marriage

This is when the process of forgiveness becomes the focus of intervention. Possibly the only thing you can think of is how to get even so your partner will hurt as much as you do. To restore trust actions speak louder than words.

How to recover from betrayal in marriage

How to recover from betrayal in marriage

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  1. We don't run the risk of repeating an old pattern with a new partner because we have far surpassed the level of attraction we were at when we were with our betrayer.

    Instead of getting stuck in your own emotional baggage you can now see the situation differently with greater wisdom and understanding. Trust is delicate and can only be earned over time through commitment and continued effort.

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