How to pluck eyebrows for men

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Andy Rooney wasn't known for his good eyebrows, he was known for his crazy eyebrows. Eyebrow Grooming Tip 4 — Threading Eyebrow threading is a surprisingly simple and method for removing hairs that predates many years.

How to pluck eyebrows for men

If neither of these sound particularly interesting to you, stick with your barber or a trusted brow specialist to make sure you don't end up overdoing it a bit. A short, even depth of hair. Eyebrow Grooming Tip 3 — Waxing Eyebrow waxing kits exist, but you're probably better off leaving it to the professionals unless you're very confident in your ability to self-apply hot wax in straight, smooth lines.

How to pluck eyebrows for men

How to pluck eyebrows for men

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  1. If you pull the eyebrow hair taught when cutting, then the release of the tension will result in the hair to be much shorter. One eyebrow should look like a mirror image of the other.

    Look for any that stick out noticeably further than the rest, and pluck them out. Since it totally blends and looks natural, there is no need to call it out.

    A full bushy brow can certainly add a distinguishing characteristic to a man's face.

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