How to overcome from nervousness

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Keep a bottle of water at arm's reach while presenting in case you get dry mouth while chatting up a storm. Are the presentations more strategic or tactical in nature? Shutterstock I've been doing a lot of presenting recently, and I have no problem admitting that it's tough.

How to overcome from nervousness

Rehearsing what you'd like to say in advance can help you recall important information when anxiety strikes. Taking control of your breathing is one way you can overcome feelings of extreme nervousness both before and during your job interview.

How to overcome from nervousness

How to overcome from nervousness

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  1. Close your eyes and picture yourself delivering your talk with confidence and enthusiasm. Instead of alerting you to a danger and preparing you to respond to it, your fear or anxiety can kick in for any perceived threat, which could be imaginary or minor.


    The more you present, the better you'll be, so consider joining a Toastmaster club to become a top-notch orator. Even if you can see how out of proportion a fear is, the emotional part of your brain keeps sending danger signals to your body.

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