How to not be desperate for love

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Do you have an anxious approach to relationships characterized by a need for consistent relationship contact and reassurance? People with even a modicum of self-esteem can smell desperation and its miserable companion, neediness coming a mile away and they will give you the big swerve.

How to not be desperate for love

Google what interests you and find out how you can develop your interest? What if we stopped painting the picture in our head of our so-called, perfect life partner?

How to not be desperate for love

How to not be desperate for love

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  1. Kazralkree

    You are good enough for you. For example, if you start texting him back in the middle of class or the workday, what kind of message do you think you're sending by doing that?

    When you love yourself; you attract others into your life who will love you for you, rather than people who are also 'desperate for love.

    Instead, take the time and space to evaluate relationships without the fog of infatuation , and cultivate patience by taking the time to comprehensively evaluate the next relationship you are in.

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