How to meet firefighters

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To ensure this, some departments usually put an upper cap on the age as well which generally varies from years of age. If it has, continue to the next level.

How to meet firefighters

You are riding the officer position. The workload of fire departments has grown substantially, even as their core mission -- putting out fires -- has dwindled. Sometimes, you are also put into Fire Academy where you are given basic training on how to handle equipment and handle various rescue scenarios.

How to meet firefighters

How to meet firefighters

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  1. Industry standards require a minimum of four firefighters assigned to every engine or pumper. Five engine companies, a ladder truck, a battalion chief and four medic units from departments elsewhere in Virginia kept watch over the city.

    To make their point, firefighters filmed a video outside the house of a leading bike activist to show the difficulties of using fire equipment on narrow streets. Eventually, the firefighter will either comply with the expectations of the organization or they will get fired.

    Fire Chief Richard Bowers ultimately retired after the widower of the firefighter called for his resignation. Sometimes it can hurt us in our jobs," Michael says.

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