How to know if a leo man likes you

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They are well known for their pleasing and friendly nature, so they can easily make you feel comfortable. A Leo man loves to show his partner that he can provide the finer things in life. They actively pursue your company.

How to know if a leo man likes you

Although Leo is often a spontaneous and fun loving fire sign, he will still need this element of stability in his love life. He will be paying attention to the way you brush your hair, the sound of your laugh, and the way you style your clothes.

How to know if a leo man likes you

How to know if a leo man likes you

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  1. Your Leo man enjoys all the classic romantic sentiments. Once he feels he can trust and rely on you to be a regular feature in his life he will open up to your involvement in his activities with friends.

    There is a lot of drama. He will make you happy; nothing will be of more importance than to bring a smile in your face.

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