How to give a girl my number

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Having initiative in your hands is great because it gives you the opportunity to impress someone right out of the gate. Showing an attitude of disinterest can sometimes be enough to keep a guy from asking.

How to give a girl my number

Take a chick that your friend knows and piggyback off that acquaintance. A lot of girls give their number even when they are not interested in you because they are too polite to say no or feel pressured. Some women will be turned off by this because it shows a lack of initiative.

How to give a girl my number

How to give a girl my number

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  1. You have to be very sure of yourself during this interaction.

    The biggest positive, by far, is that now you get to take the initiative at whatever pace you like. Usually when a guy is going to ask for your number, there is some type of build-up.

    Make a date with her and just exchange numbers in case someone is late.

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