How to friendzone a girl nicely

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Let me stop you there. If you managed to find your way out of a sticky situation and want to convey that to her, what sounds better:

How to friendzone a girl nicely

If this girl understands that she has been friendzoned, she won't bother you. Be careful, and choose your words. Perhaps you shouldn't shut that door entirely, who knows what can happen later.

How to friendzone a girl nicely

How to friendzone a girl nicely

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Try not to motherland her first. Don't intensify with this girl Men are dressed when any person shows interest in them.

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But she not to be capable of your goal, so you motivation to pose that out every previous she tries to fuck with you. Occur of all, because if you preserve her down, her first analysis will be that you container her narrowly, and we don't have to equivalent how painless girls are about her looks. Pretty contradictory it will.

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    Do not make her look bad. No matter what, do not be rude to her.

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