How to flirt with a lesbian

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Fo reals though, there are just certain things that lesbians love to talk about. Try to find a reason to enter their personal bubble briefly—say, by stepping close to let someone else pass, or to pick a piece of lint of their shirt—then step out of their bubble. Have you been practicing your eye contact?

How to flirt with a lesbian

Ask for them digits, girl! People flirt for fun, for sex, for exploration, and even for transactional reasons i. For more fun and empowering tips, be sure to check us out at The Sex Summit.

How to flirt with a lesbian

How to flirt with a lesbian

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  1. Gay eye contact allows you to circumvent all that hassle of accidentally hitting on straight girls.

    Why do we do it at all?

    You have to be careful with overt statements like this though. June 19, I was talking to one of my friends recently, and she said something that really surprised me.

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