How to do sex on honeymoon

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Bring lubrication, and plan to use it for intercourse. The day was total crap. Let him know what feels good.

How to do sex on honeymoon

She slipped into some lingerie, and instructed me to wait on the bed. Pop some champagne and have a toast to the good, married life — then pour it all over each other and have a good laugh and romp.

How to do sex on honeymoon

How to do sex on honeymoon

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  1. You do not want to scratch or hurt your bride in her sensitive areas. Astroglide , KY Jelly , or coconut oil all work well.

    Your first time will not be your best time. Bring lubrication, and plan to use it for intercourse.


    See this less as a movie-like-sexual-peak, and more like the first time you ride your bike: Yes, sex can be passionate, intense, amazing… it can also feel giggly and make for some silly situations.

    Sex itself may hurt bad enough, but dryness, movement, and sensitive skin do not go together.

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