How to deal with unreliable people

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On Thursday they could care less about it. They're always busy and have to get back to you.

How to deal with unreliable people

It's better to just tell people to text you when they're outside and keep playing on the computer, watching movies, or whatever it is you were doing before. At other times they wonder if their friend's unreliable behavior is a sign they don't really care about them all that much.

How to deal with unreliable people

How to deal with unreliable people

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  1. They may not get back to you for three weeks, then text you out of the blue one Friday asking if you want to do something.

    If a good friend flaked on you though, especially if they hadn't done it in the past, you're justifiably going be a lot more irritated. Just let them know their unreliable behavior bothers you.


    People who are flaky because they're bad at saying no will often be just as reluctant to share their true feelings if you bring up their unreliability directly.

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