How to be irresistible

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Be present, responsive, sharp and witty. When you choose to spend your time on a woman it means a lot more when it has that kind of value. A good, genuine smile — with your whole face and not just your mouth — is a great way to project both confidence and friendliness at the same time.

How to be irresistible

Sure you can copy a celebrity's style every now and then, but why not develop your own? Pursue With Purpose When you see a woman that you want to talk to, you should approach her immediately, or close to it.

How to be irresistible

How to be irresistible

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  1. Being overly needy and cloying puts you in dangerous territory.

    Getting comfortable with bantering with strangers is the better part of being confident around women. I will forever recall that night as one of the worst club experiences I've ever sat through.

    Work and career come first.

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