How to be a health freak

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Your body will begin to burn stored glucose and fat. Health Is about your lifestyle overall:

How to be a health freak

In addition to eating apples, your fridge is 90 percent produce. These are mostly highly refined junk foods that rapidly convert to glucose in your bloodstream.

How to be a health freak

How to be a health freak

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  1. One of the best ways to get your message across is not to say anything, but to be a living, breathing example of awesome health.

    There is no exercise routine that can compensate for lack of proper sleep.

    This allows you to stay focused during the day without feeling hungry, prevents crashes, and has even been shown to increase your lifespan! When first getting into the world of health and wellness, it can be very tempting to completely overhaul your diet and or your lifestyle overnight.


    Be open to change along the way! You have a solid gym schedule GIF courtesy of Giphy.

    Your body will begin to burn stored glucose and fat. This does not mean that everyone who is selling something is scamming you.

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