How to avoid being needy

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Your boyfriend or your girlfriend is not the only person in the world you can talk to. Take the skinny guy who works out because it will give him the confidence to get women.

How to avoid being needy

Enroll in a cooking class. I really like your definition of being self — confident. No matter how much you adore and love each other, every couple needs a little alone time.

How to avoid being needy

How to avoid being needy

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  1. Build a lifestyle that fulfills you — find engaging hobbies, broaden your social circle, get healthier, etc.

    If you don't like the same movies as he does then say so - it won't end your world and he will respect you more for being honest.

    Much of this comes back to investing in yourself. Having a lot of open space around you and being able to unwind with nature will put you both at ease.

    Speak up for yourself.

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