How much is it to name a star after someone

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Some web sites let you name visible or even well visible stars. They often have stores with books with wonderful astronomy pictures from the ground or from space, or fine astronomy magazines that all make great gifts. Sorry, much as we would like to, we are not under the illusion that the IAU can eradicate charlatanry:

How much is it to name a star after someone

However, no countries, authorities, or scientists in the world will recognize "your" name for the star. And, as is the case with the whole star-naming thing, I have to lay my cards out on the table and be honest with them. Some bright stars have proper names, with mostly Arabic, Greek, or Latin etymologies e.

How much is it to name a star after someone

How much is it to name a star after someone

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  1. The names assigned by the IAU are those that are used. For nearly a century, the IAU has been the internationally recognized authority for naming celestial bodies and surface features on them.

    Alphanumeric designations are usually sorted by position, which historically made them easy to look up in catalogues.

    Buy a huge bunch of flowers instead, or a nice photograph. My friends tell me the name is preserved forever?

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