Hot in safe sex tub

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We are the generation that has grown up on an ample dose of Bollywood and Hollywood movies, which have made cosy times in the water look fun and well, extremely enticing! You should be especially wary if you suffer from frequent bouts of UTI urinary tract infection as the germs present in the water bodies may come in contact with your urethra during sex and it is going to be one nasty infection after that. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive.

Hot in safe sex tub

When you engage in some intimate stuff in any of these water bodies including pools and bathtubs there is a strong chance that you will encounter germs and bacteria and push it near your vagina. Additionally, the chemicals present in the water and extreme hot and cold temperatures can cause perforations in the condom, rendering it less effective. Due to the lack of lubrication in water, thanks to your natural lubrication being washed away, there are chances of tiny vaginal tears.

Hot in safe sex tub

Hot in safe sex tub

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  1. When you have sex, there is thrusting back and forth, allowing for skin tears to occur and openings in the skin to allow for bacteria to creep in.

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