Honey beez

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We are professionals, dedicated to giving the best of ourselves to our clients in need of kind, loving companionship and support. They always create a "buzz" from the audience members! We pride ourselves on the kind, gentle care that we offer.

Honey beez

The Beez follow a performance routine during our half-time football show - they are put at the end of the half-time show with a one minute routine. But we have a real sisterhood, and this is our home away from home. He looked to his band for help.

Honey beez

Honey beez

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  1. The concept was initially for the Honey Beez to perform for just one game, but the fans went wild over them; the Honey Beez did a great job, and the rest is history. For Banks, the newfound stardom can sometimes be overwhelming, but fun and exciting.

    One of the most important qualifications to be a Honey Bee is the outer and inner beauty of the ladies, which includes their self-esteem, attitude, their makeup, sense of fashion, and on-field confidence. They always create a "buzz" from the audience members!


    We understand the challenges you face as a caregiver and we know how difficult it is to trust someone to come in to your home to care for your family.

    He looked to his band for help. Contact Us today to learn more about us and how we can help provide compassionate, dedicated support to your loved ones.

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