Hiv positive friends

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The great thing about Bridgemen is that the group focuses on improving their community by doing community service projects together. Worrying that they might offend or upset, they find it hard to relax and behave naturally.

Hiv positive friends

Today, HIV doesn't have to rob a person of anything in their life, but only if they are surrounded by an educated and loving community that understand a disease is not a characteristic or a flaw. A good first step is to read books, watch documentaries, or even read plays by or about people with AIDS. They know that their friends avoid certain subjects with them.

Hiv positive friends

Hiv positive friends

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  1. Each panel, created by family, friends, and lovers, tells the story of a life and helps to build awareness and compassion.

    People who are HIV positive may be healthy; they often look just like everyone else. In the first six months after my diagnosis, I was petrified to tell my best friend about my status.

    If you know someone who has AIDS-if not a friend, perhaps a friend of a friend, a friend's family member, and so on-you may wonder if your relationship with that person will change.

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