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Show more The first chart in this section shows a summary of the types of mutation that have been observed in samples for this gene. Distinguish feature of our plant is work under the slogan "For the first time":


In the tabs below you can see any other genes that have resistance mutations to the same drug s , and the distribution of mutations that occur in those genes. Integrated protection from overvoltage and decreasing of voltage.



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  1. If this happens please click and drag the blank content panel to reload the genome browser. Histograms show the percentage of mutated samples for point mutations, CNV data and gene expression data.

    The first in the industry at the enterprise was started the manufacturing of motors designed for export to countries with a tropical climate. Only reliable, tried and tested design materials are used.

    Show more The first chart in this section shows a summary of the types of mutation that have been observed in samples for this gene.

    Note that a sample may have more than one type of mutation, so the total number of samples determined by simply summing the values in the table may not match the total number of unique samples given under the table.

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