Hayward pool heater electrical hookup

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Add a non-chlorine shock oxidizer and algaecide to help prevent algae growth. Electric and gas heat pumps also extend pool use by months depending on your climate and location.

Hayward pool heater electrical hookup

The more accurate the flow rate calibration is, the more efficient your pool heater will be. It also has an LED digital control readout panel.

Hayward pool heater electrical hookup

Hayward pool heater electrical hookup

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  1. If you have a very "sensitive" electrical supply, then some heat pumps have an optional or built in "soft-start" option. To see examples of heat pumps installed correctly, please see our Photo Gallery 2.

    Electric heaters with more than K BTU are more efficient long-term than a gas water heater, however.

    The only proviso is that the pool circulation pump is powerful enough to deliver the water flow rate that the heat pump needs to operate. Rodent Damage The heat created inside the pool heater unit as well as open accesses attract rodents i.

    The heat pump must also be properly earthed.

    Spray exposed wires with WD to repel the rodents and prevent wires from being chewed.

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