Having an affair without getting caught

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Most relationship therapists suggest issues around infidelity can be improved through therapy. Both men and women cheat.

Having an affair without getting caught

At first, we may view it as impulsive and self-destructive and then begin to recognize it as a cry for help or an attempt at raising self-esteem. Unless you have a one-night stand with a foreigner who doesn't know your name, she will likely try to friend you on Facebook or continue texting you.

Having an affair without getting caught

Having an affair without getting caught

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  1. We can be fairly certain that our emotions—shame or sadness, longing or relief, envy or anxiety—will be intense, intrusive, and perhaps overwhelming.

    Choosing to stay or go Overall, therapy seems to work for about two-thirds of couples who have experienced infidelity. We started talking dirty.

    Nothing good can come of this.

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