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For every females there were On a hill in Harmony, situated above Connoquenessing Creek sits a "seat" of stone actually a rock formation. The operation changed hands repeatedly because of rivalries that led to a killing.

Harmony usa

The average household size was 2. In , Harmony was purchased by Alan VanderHorst and his family, who plan to restore and preserve the 2.

Harmony usa

Harmony usa

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  1. As the town grew, it soon hosted a dairy management office, dormitories for employees, a livery stable, a blacksmith, and later a gas station. They belong to the Swartzentruber Amish affiliation, which are much more conservative than most other of the Old Order Amish affiliations.

    The population density was 2, A hotel was also run in Harmony.


    There are three antique shops in town. Harmony was founded in around several dairy ranches and a creamery.

    Tourists traveling Hwy 1 often stopped for fresh buttermilk, and famed publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst stopped often in Harmony on his way to his opulent home in San Simeon, 12 miles northwest, as did many of the Hollywood celebrities who were frequent guests of Hearst. On a hill in Harmony, situated above Connoquenessing Creek sits a "seat" of stone actually a rock formation.

    The racial makeup of the city was I Love Antiques-on South Main across from the bank- a traditional antique store.

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