Good reasons to be a lawyer

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I loved my profession because it gave me an opportunity to be of service. It is fast, simple and cheap, and yet you are expected to be able to charge a lot of money for your services.

Good reasons to be a lawyer

Knowledge of the law. The University of Virginia study had a similar finding, noting that its survey participants tended to migrate away from large law firms to a wide range of other legal settings, including business and financial organizations, legal services groups, public defender positions, public interest organizations, and academia.

Good reasons to be a lawyer

Good reasons to be a lawyer

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  1. You can come out of the lower classes, or out of the worst imaginable background, but once you become an attorney you suddenly have the respect of society.

    Like doctors, mechanics or accountants they are professionals with an area of expertise and an important service to provide. Better reasons might include an ability to sell clients on services, a passion for working alone on complex intellectual topics, an interest in debating and defending ideas, enjoying completing multiple tasks on tight deadlines, and flexibility in making career changes.

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