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In fact, the festival held parts of its program at the gallery at various points between GOMA's opening in and the fest's initial scrapping after the event. The vast and dark sound creation was described by the artist as an overtly subjective response to current political crises. That decision received criticism, both for awarding the festival exclusively to one commercial operator, and for doing so without calling for tenders from other interested parties.

Goma cinematheque

Cortini played delicate and expansive compositions while 8mm scenes of a family at leisure played on the cinema screen behind him. This was a purposeful curatorial move to focus on marginalized artists, including those female and queer, who are often side-lined in contemporary cultural presentation. Programming-wise, cinephiles should expect "new release titles and film retrospectives, alongside screenings with live music, conversations, panel discussions, gala events and more," says QAGOMA director Chris Saines.

Goma cinematheque

Goma cinematheque

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  1. The resulting performances had an overarching theme of pursuing the deeply personal via deconstructed and reconstructed abstract sound.

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