Gods moral law on sex

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Today it is common in Christian circles to dismiss the concept of men owning their wives and daughters as the cultural byproduct of a backward age of humanity. But this passage tells us the only women who could make their own decisions without the ability to be overridden by their father or their husband: To engage in sexual intercourse without a willingness to accept the children God may provide if our birth control fails, for instance is to turn a basic purpose of sexuality on its head.

Gods moral law on sex

It was indentured servitude. She could choose the man she married and make her own decisions until she was married Numbers

Gods moral law on sex

Gods moral law on sex

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  1. By linking the sexual relationship between male and female introduced in Genesis 1 to the one flesh union introduced in Genesis 2, Jesus pronounced judgment on all legal engineering that would reduce marriage to something else in the case of Matthew 19, an opportunity for men to treat women like slaves. But this points us to the transcendence of sexuality in the communion of Christ, not to its distortion.

    We can accept the accomplishments of culture and technology. For, how do we tell the difference between the sort of fulfillment that entails the transcendence of a certain dimension of the creation order i.

    It makes little sense to argue that if Adam and Eve walked everywhere they went, so should we.

    And I say to you:

    As individual Christians, or even as families and churches we do not have the right to execute these punishments — but that does not mean we cannot uphold the moral law found in these civil laws.

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