Glynn county flea market

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Most people don't realize that Brunswick is practically under sea level, this area will flood very easily. The plate that Ms. They sold stationery and books and the business may have been created shortly before as this is the first time they show up in the city directory.

Glynn county flea market

While it would be hard to place a price on such a relic without knowing more about the artist who created the plate, we do know that Ms. On this particular day in October a huge tidal wave formed and washed over the town of Brunswick, destroying many homes and businesses. Waff and was located at Newcastle Street.

Glynn county flea market

Glynn county flea market

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  1. As the crow flies, that's over 6 miles from the ocean. Many years ago, Mary Jane Gamble was in Ft.

    It appears that the men who started the store decided to move on; Howard removed to Virginia by and Charles C.

    Gamble purchased the plate at a staggering sum of one dollar!

    The plate that Ms.

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