Glenwood nsw australia

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Blacktown is located 34 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district. Book with confident expectation Self checked in.

Glenwood nsw australia

It has the least traffic issues, and those living on the otherside know how busy it gets in the morning and afternoon. Quiet street, no through traffic cul-de-sac, peaceful, secured property.

Glenwood nsw australia

Glenwood nsw australia

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  1. My kids loved playing in the courtyard and although it is a very small bungalow type accommodation it has all the things you need. Single mattress for the 7th guest best placed in the main room on or in the lounge.

    Ellen is a great host, with her warm welcome , excellent communication and she even came to the house and switch on the air-condition an hour before we arrived so when my family entered the house after a long drive, we all can relax straightaway.

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