Gifts for funerals besides flowers

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The service is often a blur for families, so having this book will allow guest to share memories and messages that the family will be able to look back on later. Another nice offer would be to grab their grocery list and go shopping for them. You could offer to clean their home, but keep in mind that many people are self-conscious about their mess and would rather have a stranger do this than a friend.

Gifts for funerals besides flowers

This will provide something to occupy their time while also giving them a nice little surprise. Once the flowers are gone, it can double as a memory jar, which could be appropriate gifts for younger members of a grieving family.

Gifts for funerals besides flowers

Gifts for funerals besides flowers

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    Donating a day can mean the difference between someone having to return to work the day after a funeral versus having a day or two to rest before returning to work. Books, coffee, and restaurants are also popular choices, always well-recieved.

    Be ready to get your hands dirty and take care of business!

    First, consider the person who died — is there a plant, flower, or color that reminds you of that person for any reason? Something For the Kids Though one of the first questions people will ask after a loss is how the children who were affected are doing, children are rarely considered when thinking of things that can be given to a family.

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