Gay bars newcastle nsw

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A unisex toilet suited all. I wonder, are such safe spaces still needed, or can we be confident that our city has truly come of age in accepting the differences that flourish here?

Gay bars newcastle nsw

For its patrons looking back with nostalgia, it was that magical period in their lives when nothing was settled, authority was there to be flouted, the world was a risky place and just possibly, all things were possible. Three years before, in July , an important watershed in the gay and lesbian history of Newcastle had been celebrated. In May the Labour government passed another bill which decriminalised consensual sex between males over the age of

Gay bars newcastle nsw

Gay bars newcastle nsw

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  1. Jim Wafer records a lesbian patron explaining how things changed when the mix became volatile, and bashings and fights began. In particular, its strategy of using people from the affected communities as peer educators for others at risk broke new ground.

    The man diagnosed was an American tourist. When I posted a request for information about the Hamilton wine bar on the Facebook Page Lost Gay Newcastle , the response was a tsunami of memories.

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